Virtual Mail

What is Virtual Mail?

Virtual Mail is a digital service that allows you to manage your mail and packages with a digital device from anywhere in the world. We are your partner in this new frontier where you designate the Pack and Ship store to receive and handle your mail and packages according to your wishes. When you sign up with any of our partners, we offer you a physical street address where you receive your mail and packages. You can use this address for personal or business use with the assurance that your mail is safe.

Shop online and have your packages shipped to our location. No more worries about porch pirates stealing your packages while you are away from your home.

Steps to sign-up

  1. access our provider partners.
  2. Sign up by creating an account.
  3. Read, sign and have the PS Form 1583 notarized. PS Form 1583 is the USPS Application form to authorize the Pack and Ship Store to act as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency on your behalf.
  4. Submit two (2) forms of ID one of which needs to be government issued.

When we receive your mail and packages:

1) We catalog, weigh and scan them.

2) You receive a notification.

3) You instruct us to:

  • a) either forward your mail and packages to your billing address,
  • b) open mail and scan content to your inbox,
  • c) discard what you don’t want,
  • d) store for your pick-up

Virtual Office

Our services offer virtual office for real business use. When you sign up for a business account you will have a virtual office with a real street address. You can add a toll free or local phone number and fax number for a complete virtual presence.

You can add a satellite office in a new market with the click of a button.

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